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Pregnancy and Beyond

Perinatal care encompasses comprehensive support and medical attention provided to women throughout their pregnancy journey, extending from the onset of pregnancy until a year following childbirth, and sometimes even beyond that timeframe.

KSW Chiropractic specializes in delivering gentle, pregnancy-safe care across all trimesters. During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause ligaments in the mother's body to loosen. Coupled with a lower center of gravity and the additional weight of the baby, this can result in significant stress for the mother. While seeking chiropractic treatment effectively alleviates aches and discomfort, it also offers several supplementary advantages, including:

  1. Alleviation of Nausea

  2. Reduction in the Requirement for Medication During Pregnancy and Delivery

  3. Accelerated Recovery Time

  4. Shortened Duration of Labor and Delivery

  5. Alleviation of Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Sciatic Pain

  6. Restoration of Pelvic Balance

Postnatal care is frequently underestimated in its significance. The initial adjustment following delivery, often referred to as "the reset," is crucial. Typically, women have one follow-up session within the first six weeks to one year after giving birth. The postpartum period spans one year and, in some cases, extends beyond that for certain individuals. Regardless of whether the birth was vaginal or via cesarean section, the mother's body has experienced trauma during childbirth. Hence, receiving appropriate care during this period is vital to rectify imbalances and initiate the body's recovery process.

At KSW, we adopt a holistic approach, focusing on the overall well-being of the mother. We tailor a personalized plan for each mother, incorporating safe adjustments, providing education on breathing techniques, and prescribing strengthening exercises. The pelvic floor and the diaphragm work in tandem, and pregnancy and labor/delivery can cause imbalances between the two. Strengthening the pelvic floor, optimizing breathing patterns, and ensuring proper neural function are pivotal factors in the mother's recovery, and integrating these elements holistically is of utmost importance.

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