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Colic, Lip/Tongue Ties, Head Preferences, and More

KSW Chiropractic offers gentle and safe chiropractic care for pediatric patients as well. Children undergo rapid development within a limited timeframe, acquiring essential motor skills on a daily basis. Consequently, they are more susceptible to misalignments and subluxations, making chiropractic care crucial for their overall well-being and optimal health. Chiropractic adjustments effectively alleviate pressure on the spine, joints, and bones, thereby enhancing a child's neural and brain development. Common reasons for children to seek chiropractic treatment include:

  1. Allergies

  2. Asthma

  3. Pre- and Post-Lip Tie/Tongue Tie Revision Care

  4. Delayed Crawling/Walking

  5. Enuresis (Bedwetting)

  6. Digestive Issues (Colic, Reflux, and Constipation)

  7. Ear Infections

  8. Headaches

  9. Breastfeeding Issues (Painful Latch)

  10. Irritable Baby Syndrome

  11. Sleep Issues

  12. Back Pain

  13. Torticollis

  14. Behavior Improvement (Stress Relief, Mental Health Support, Enhanced Immune System, Alleviated Muscle Tension)

Pediatric Care Appointments: Services
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