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Quality of life is our greatest asset, and our health plays a vital role. Our approach at KSW is treating you as a whole. We prioritize your personal goals and vision of living a healthy lifestyle. Aches, pains, and stresses can little by little affect your ability to live a happy, balanced life. With KSW Chiropractic as part of your team, we relieve or prevent pain so you can achieve improved health and well-being. KSW brings education, treatment, and empowerment tools to reach your own health goals.

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We welcome the entire family. We help treat and prevent the aches, pains, and stresses that affect our every day life. Our approach, as well as our thought process, is completely different than most wellness companies.


We look for the root of the cause to the aches, pains, stresses, and injuries. We evaluate what there is an excess of (stress, sitting, overtraining, chemicals) and what you are deprived of (healthy diet, movement, proper nervous system). We treat you as a whole, and we educate you on what needs to be addressed.


It is common for patients to receive generalized treatment without knowing the "why" or "when it will end". We create a personalized plan for each individual mapping out what treatment looks like, where it is going, and what goals will be achieved to reach optimum health.

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Welcome to KSW Chiropractic

Greetings, I am Whitley Kelley, the proprietor of KSW Chiropractic, where I offer comprehensive services to individuals and their loved ones. I believe it is crucial to establish a personal connection with those entrusted to our care.

Having been raised in Blessing, Texas, a small town, within a farming and ranching family, my upbringing was rooted in close-knit community. My high school education took place in El Campo, Tx, where my passion for sports blossomed. I engaged in a variety of activities, ranging from punt, pass, and kick to competitive cheerleading, while also participating in powerlifting, tennis, and track. Over a decade, I devoted myself to competitive cheerleading. Following this, I pursued a B.S. degree in Exercise Sports Science/Pre-Physical Therapy at Texas State University.

During an internship, I had the privilege of working alongside an exceptional chiropractor and his wife in San Marcos. Their inspiring example led me to redirect my career path from physical therapy to chiropractic school. Subsequently, I commenced my chiropractic studies at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena. It was during my time in this area that I met my husband, and in 2021, we welcomed our first daughter into the world, followed by our second daughter in 2022.

Upon becoming a mother, I recognized a need for greater support, both for my patients and myself. There existed an unaddressed void, particularly regarding the care of children. For the past six years, I worked with a company, but I felt compelled to embark on a new chapter.

In February of this year, I made the decision to establish my own practice, a choice I consider the finest I have ever made. The experience of motherhood revealed the inadequacies within the healthcare system, especially concerning maternal concerns and challenges. Parents, especially first-time mothers, face an immense amount of stress. I realized that my own well-being, stress levels, work, and overall life were intertwined with the well-being and behavior of my children throughout the days and nights. This realization fueled my desire to assist children and parents, enabling them to regain a higher quality of life. Sometimes, it can be as straightforward as providing relief for a colicky baby, allowing mom or dad a precious five minutes of respite, which is scarce when dealing with a fussy and inconsolable infant. As children grow, their stresses evolve, and it becomes vital to address daily habits, stressors, diet, ergonomics, movement techniques for athletes, and many other factors beyond mere physical treatment.

Consequently, I extend a warm welcome to individuals of all ages, ranging from newborns and toddlers to athletes, adults, and seniors.

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